About Investorweb.

Where investors and public companies connect.

We strongly believe that every public company should have the opportunity to streamline and optimize their investor relations initiatives, and that every investor should get equal access to public insights. This is why Investorweb exists.

Our mission is quite simple: to provide investors and public companies with a platform to connect and communicate.

Today, communication between companies and investors happens across numerous channels, from IR websites and official stock exchange releases to different communication tools. It's challenging for investors to keep themselves updated, but it’s even more demanding for companies to get enough attention from investors.

Investorweb merges traditional IR websites with professional networking channels, providing companies with an all-in-one-platform for their IR efforts.

On our platform, every investor will get equal access to public information, and can easily personalize their newsfeed by handpicking the public companies they wish to keep tabs on. With more access and customized information streams, investors gain more control and understanding of their investments, and a greater ability to make informed decisions.

Investorweb aims to level the playing field in the stock market, ensuring that all investors are up to date and all companies have the tools they need for simple, yet effective investor relations.

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Feel free to reach out to us via email at contact@investorweb.no for any inquiries.

Need technical support? Drop us an email at support@investorweb.no.